Privacy Policy

Collection of personal data, is the data controller responsible for your personal data collected through the Application or the Site (the "Controller"). You can contact us by email [email protected]

You can contact the DPO by email at the following address: [email protected]

Most personal data we obtain originates directly from you. Your personal data may also be provided by third parties at your request. This applies to the situation in which you want to register on our site (com, the » Site «) or use the PANDEMIAS mobile app (la » Application «) using the functionality or services of social media or or other associated sites (hereafter referred to as » Associates «) such as:

  • Facebook;
  • Google
  1. For the purposes of this document, we will refer to you as the » User«, even if you aren't a member of our community.
  2. Acquiring of personal processed data
  3. In order to provide you with the opportunity to register in the Siteor in the Application and the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, if we decide to provide that functionality, first of all, we will process the following personal data:
  • Your email address
  • Your name
  • Information about your educational / professional status.
  1. In addition to the data specified directly above, depending on the functionalities of the SiteApplication that you use (as soon as we decide to provide them) we may collect different types of information from you or about you. Some of them, in some circumstances, may be your personal data, since "personal data" means any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. For example:
  • things you do and the information you provide You provide us with that information when you use our Site / Application. This may include information such as your location, habits (types of content you watch or participate in, or the frequency and duration of your activities), occupation, workplace, college you attend;
  • information that other people provide about you;
  • your connections, groups in which you participate, networks;
  • financial information related to the transaction you make through our Site / Application. This may include your credit or debit card number and other card information, account number, authentication information;
  • billing, shipping, and contact details, if you use the sales-related functionality;
  • information from or about the computers, phones, or other devices where you install the Application or access our Site, which may include your location, the telecommunications operator you are using, the telephone number or the IP address;
  • third-party partner information. We receive information about you and your activities inside and outside our Site / Application from external partners, such as information from Associates, an advertiser or sponsor about your experiences or interactions with them;
  • history of your communication with us;
  • the consents you have given in relation to the Site / Application.
  1. The sending of personal data by the User for registration purposes is voluntary. However, it is necessary for the User to make use of the full range of services and functionalities of the SiteApplication.

III. Use of personal data

  1. We process your personal data to ensure the functionality of our Application / Site in accordance with the PANDEMIAS Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the Rules of the PANDEMIAS newsletter (once we decide to provide it). This includes, in particular, giving you the opportunity to register in the Site or in the Application and the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter.
  2. We use your personal data (whenever possible, subject to your choices using functionalities in the Configuration section) to provide and support the products, services and functionalities described in the PANDEMIA terms and conditions, in particular:
  • we customize the features and content of the Site / Application a:
  1. make suggestions to you about topics, content, groups or events that we think may interest you,
  2. develop, test and improve our SiteApplication,
  3. select and personalize offers, advertisements or other sponsored content to show you, according to your preferences,
  4. send you marketing communications, in particular to promote our services, including additional and sometimes paid functionality;
  • If you expressly consent to receive the newsletter or commercial email communication, we will use your email address to send you such communications;
  • We send you other types of communications related to PANDEMIA terms and conditions. Accordingly, we also use information about you to respond to you when you choose to contact us;
  • We use the information we have to help our advertisers, sponsors, partners, associates measure the effectiveness and distribution of their content, advertisements and services in order to understand their most precise recipients and their needs. We also use that information for such analytical purposes in our own interest;
  • We use the information we have to verify accounts and activity in the Site / Application to detect, prevent, and combat any harmful conduct, such as spam, intellectual property infringement, or discriminatory, intimidating, or other harmful conduct, most of which includes violations of PANDEMIES Terms and conditions .
  1. Since we want to be able to present you offers and content tailored to your interests, we carry out profiling activities. Please note that in no case will this affect your rights or freedoms, or affect you in any other way. There is no automated decision making involved.
  2. Legal basis for the processing of personal data
  3. Depending on the purpose, we process your personal data on a different legal basis.
  4. In order to carry out our contract with you (i.e. to allow you to use the SiteApplication of according to PANDEMICS Terms and Conditions), we process your data as necessary. You don't need to accept that specifically, but without it you couldn't use the Site / Application.
  5. The other legal bases on which we sometimes depend when processing your data are:
  • your consent:
  1. to process data from special categories (such as your religious and philosophical beliefs, political opinions, your health, ethnicity, sexual life, or sexual orientation), if you choose to submit such data, so that we can share that information with members of and PERSONALIZE YOUR CONTENT,
  2. to use data that our advertisers, sponsors, partners, associatesgive us about their activity from our Site / Application, so that we can personalize the content that we show you in the Site or within the Application,
  3. to collect information that you allow us to receive through the device-based settings you enable (such as access to your GPS location, camera, or photos), so that we can provide the functionality or services described when you enable the setting,
  4. For the purpose of sharing your personal data that allows you to identify and contact you (such as your name or email address) with sponsors and advertisers, if you decide that we should share it, so that they can contact you directly and present you with the information they are interested in,
  5. data about your use of the Site, which we obtain through so-called cookie files;
  • our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party, where they are not surpassed by their interests or fundamental rights and freedoms, which is:
  1. provide measurement, analysis and other business services in which we process data as a Controller. The legitimate interests that we or third parties have here is to provide accurate and reliable reports to our partners, advertisers, developers, sponsors, associates that allow us to recognize their needs to improve our companies and their businesses, especially evaluating the effectiveness of content and advertising in line,
  2. provide you with marketing communications, including the newsletter. The legitimate interests we have here is to promote our ApplicationSiteor other services,
  3. appropriate response to law enforcement practices and legal requests. The legitimate interests we have here are to detect, prevent, combat any harmful conduct or fraud and protect ourselves, our Users and others,
  4. For minors (under the age of 18, in most EU countries) who have a limited capacity to enter into a binding contract, we may not be able to process personal data for reasons of contractual need. However, when that person uses our SiteApplication, it is our legitimate interest to provide, customize and improve our Site / Application and provide non-commercial communications with them. The legitimate interests we trust for this type of processing are:
  • create, provide, support and maintain innovative products and features that enable minors to benefit from the exchange of professional information and to be part of a professional society that we are gathering around us Site and Application,
  • to protect our Site and Application , verify accounts and activities to detect, prevent and combat any harmful conduct, such as spam, intellectual property infringements, or discriminatory, intimidating or other harmful conduct, which mostly includes violations of the Terms and Conditions of and - the last but not the last: protect the safety of minors, who are particularly vulnerable users of the Internet;
  • compliance with a legal obligation: we are obliged to process your data when required by law, including, for example, if there is a valid legal request for certain data;
  • the protection of your vital interests or those of another person, that includes all cases in which the protection of your life or physical integrity or that of others is required, and we rely on it to combat harmful conduct related to our Site / Application.
  1. Legal basis for the processing of personal data
  2. The period for which we process your personal data depends on the purpose of the processing.
  3. The personal data collected for the purpose and related to registration in our Siteor in the Application or by subscribing to the newsletter they are being processed during the period in which you registered / subscribed, until the registration / cancellation of the subscription is canceled. After this period, your data will be processed for purposes related to the responsibility of our activities, for which we are bound by the mandatory legal provisions, including, in particular, tax and accounting regulations, regulations on personal data protection and the period, which differs depending on a type of claim (for example, the result of a simple contract, deed, tort, fraud, defamation, etc.).
  4. Recipients of personal data
  5. We transfer your personal data only when necessary to perform the services you request through the use of the functionalities of the SiteApplication. We do not sell your data, we do not make your data commercially available to third parties.
  6. We can pass your personal data to our partners of the following type:
  • companies that provide us with the delivery and maintenance of the database hosting software, through which we can run our service, newsletter, etc .;
  • Marketing agencies or other entities of this type that provide measurement, analysis and other commercial services that help us understand what our users are interested in, create content, offers, useful functionalities and help us maintain continuous communication with our Users. ;
  • entities that support us in the provision of electronic services, that is, those that provide payment services;
  • entities that perform consulting or auditing services.
  1. We may also pass your personal data on to public authorities that fight fraud and abuse.
  2. For each of these purposes, as mentioned directly above, we only provide the data that is necessary to achieve it. Wherever and whenever possible we use pseudonymization tools or other activities that make it impossible for our partners and subcontractors to identify you, while we have your data at all times and you are not anonymous to us.

VII. Your rights related to the processing of personal data

  1. When we process the data you provide us with your consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time. Please note that the withdrawal will be valid and effective only for the future.
  2. You can exercise your right to withdraw consent by sending an email to [email protected] by postal mail to the following address:: C / Marques De Santillana 7 1 Dc 51002 - Ceuta Spain, with the note «Personal information».
  3. Expressing consent for the functionality of our newsletter or any other commercial communication is voluntary and we do not make use of the SiteApplication is conditioned on you expressing it. With this type of communication you can unsubscribe at any time by sending a request to [email protected] or using a special tab on the site or the button «Cancel subscription »Within the Application.
  4. Remember that once you withdraw your consent, it may take some time before the motion is accepted and all databases are synchronized. We will make every effort to ensure that these activities are carried out without unnecessary delay, but in no event will it last more than a month.
  5. Remember that the withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing that was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  6. Please note that your personal data in the scope covered by the revoked consent, that is, in the scope of the purpose for which it was requested, will no longer be processed for this purpose only. Your personal data subject to consent may still be processed to fulfill our obligations under the law, including, in particular, the obligation to account for the accuracy of the processing of personal data, or for purposes justified by our legitimate interest.
  7. The personal data protection law gives you a number of other rights that you can use at any time. Unless you abuse these rights (eg, Irrational Daily Requests for Information), they will be free to use and easy to implement.
  8. In addition to the right to withdraw your consent, as mentioned above, your rights include:
  • the right to access your personal data.

This right means that you can ask us to export the information we have about you from our databases and send it to you in one of the commonly used formats (for example, XLSX, DOCX, etc.);

  • the right to correct personal data.

If you discover that your personal data that we process is incorrect, you can request that we correct it and we will be forced to do so. In this case, we have the right to ask you for a document or proof of the change;

  • the right to seek the restriction of the processing of personal data.

If, although we comply with the principle of adequacy, that is, we process only the data that is necessary to achieve a certain processing objective, we consider that for a specific purpose we process too large a catalog of your personal data, you have the Right to request that we restrict (limit) the scope of the processing. If the request does not oppose the requirements imposed by the applicable law, or is not necessary for the execution of the contract, we will accept your request;

  • the right to request the deletion of personal data.

This right, also known as the right to be forgotten, means that you can demand that we remove any information that contains your personal information from our systems and any other records. However, remember that we will not be able to do so if we are obliged to process your data in accordance with legal provisions (for example, transaction documents for tax purposes, obligation to ensure responsibility for our activities). In each case, however, we will delete your personal data as much as possible, and when it is not possible, we will ensure its pseudonymization (which means that the data cannot be identified without the corresponding password). By enabling this, your data that we need to comply with applicable law will be available only to a very limited group of people in our organization;

  • the right to the portability of personal data.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you can ask us to transmit the data that you provided to us in the course of all our contacts and all cooperation to a separate file, in order to transfer it to another data controller;

  • the right to object to the processing of personal data.

You have the right to object when you do not want us to process your personal data for a specific purpose (for example, for marketing purposes). When evaluating an objection, we will evaluate several factors, including: reasonable user expectations; the benefits and risks for you and third parties; and other available means to achieve the same purpose that can be less invasive and does not require disproportionate effort; If you are a minor in your country and have limited ability to sign an enforceable contract, we will take into account in particular that you are below the age of majority and adjust our assessment of our legitimate interests and the balance of your interests and rights. in consecuense. If your objection is considered substantiated, we will continue to process your data for other processes (for other purposes), but not for the purpose for which you objected. In any case, your objection will be upheld and we will stop processing your information, unless the processing is based on compelling legitimate reasons or is necessary for legal reasons.

  1. You can exercise all your rights by sending an email to [email protected] or by postal mail to the following address: C / Marques De Santillana 7 1 Dc 51002 - Ceuta Spain, with the note «Personal data».

VIII. Right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority

  1. We wish to inform you separately, that you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the EU Member State of your place of residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement if you consider that the processing of your personal data violates the GDPR regulation.
  2. Each EU Member State establishes an individual authority to monitor compliance with GDPR. For the United Kingdom, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will be the Supervisory Authority.
  3. You can contact the ICO by email ( [email protected]) or publish it (Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, UK). For more information, see
  4. Copyright

The application contains redirects (links) to other websites with a short description, published by its users. The contents of these pages may be subject to the copyright of their respective authors and are protected accordingly. The PANDEMIAS team continuously responds to reports of violations of the rights of third parties by users of the application, taking the appropriate measures and measures to eliminate or disable access to content published in violation of the rights of third parties.

  1. Disclaimer and liability

All the contents in the Application they are available free of charge. Users, as well as the PANDEMIAS team, are not responsible for the damages derived from the use of said content. The publisher of the PANDEMIAS application reserves the right to remove or edit entries and to block users who violate the PANDEMIAS terms and conditions.

  1. Liability limitation

The editor of the Application assumes no responsibility for the content and opinions expressed by users in comments or descriptions, including the accuracy of information posted by users. The content of the application is for informational purposes only and may not constitute the basis for a diagnosis or to initiate treatment. The editor of the Application is not responsible for medical decisions made based on the content of the Application.

XII. Collection of personal data

Registration in the Application requires at least one email address of the user to be provided. The editor of the PANDEMIAS application processes personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Email addresses are used in particular to notify users of technical problems and changes relevant to the service. You can find detailed information on the principles of's personal data processing in the Terms and Conditions of the Application.


Cookies are small text files used to store certain information on your computer. Cookies are not harmful to you or your computer and your data, so we recommend not to disable their use in browsers. To log into the Application, The use of cookies is required. The use of cookies allows us to improve the quality of our services and increase the satisfaction of our users by storing their preferences and monitoring trends and ways of browsing the application.

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