Coronavirus – COVID(19) Data Map Visualizations for Your Site

Why create your own when you can easily add accurate data in attractive templates right to your site?

Make your site the place people go for COVID (19) updates.

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The Coronavirus – COVID (19) is the topic on everyone’s mind these days.

It's something that is altering the world’s consciousness and impacting lives and economies everywhere.

Everyday people are seeing this nightmare unfold and data is driving the discussions and impacting the decisions that drive world events.

Having live data with interactive visualizations helps to tell the story that words would have a a hard time describing. It’s a dynamic form of content that’s arguably better for reader engagement than even video, because it has the ability for the reader to interact with the content themselves

Larger news sites like the The New York Times invest in creating interactive map visualizations themselves and reap the benefit of thousands of direct visits to the page ever month.

Yes, this content is increasingly available on Google and Bing, but wouldn’t you rather have your readers stay on your site and hopefully check out another story, click on an ad, or even subscribe? You are writing about how these very numbers are impacting our lives, so give them another reason to come back and a good reason to stay.

Now you can make your site the place that people come to for this information without buying the servers, hiring the developers, and managing a team to audit and maintain accuracy.

Let us do that for you!

We offer free, white label, and custom embed options that are perfect for any news site or blog. They are built to be responsive (meaning they’ll look good on any device) and are designed to fit in to common areas like sidebars, top banner areas, and even the body section of a site.

Make your Stories Dynamic and Current

By nature, news stories need to be relevant and timely, but when you put pen to paper your words are finite. A story that truly evolves like COVID (19) changes by the second. Dynamic maps and data give your articles more life and deeper context.

Consider how you could leverage these charts and data to create:

  • A global tracker page
  • A page for your state or any other region
  • Country specific pages
  • Articles about other topics, but using the Coronavirus as context
  • Dynamic data in the page headers , footers, or sidebar of your site

Flexible and Designed to Fit your Needs

From full sized versions of our popular app with the flexibility to search within the frame, to in line data leaderboards. We have the options you need and we’re creating more versions regularly. If you don’t see one you like and you can’t wait, contact us to create something custom for you.

What is an embed (Iframe)?

An embed or Iframe is a little bit of code that you add to a website that pulls in information from another location on the internet. They’ve been around forever and are used by many sites all over the web to pull in video, data visualizations, music, and other rich content. Youtube, for example, uses Iframes to render their video content on sites. They are common, safe, and easy to install.

To the left you can see an example of an Iframe with standard rules built in by Youtube. You can easily edit the size of the Iframe to fit in to different areas, but come default specifying dimensions that will tend to look good.


What is Pandemias?

We're a group of 3 guys who saw what was happening with COVID (19) and felt compelled to work together to create this resource. We saw a need for accurate data at a local level, wanted to provide charities with a platform, and create a service for news sites so that their businesses can thrive and their readers can stay educated during this tough time.  

How long will my design take to create?

We are processing these as quick as we can and will get you your request within 24 hours.

Why do you charge for white label visualizations?

Quite honestly, it costs money to find, store, We know that this is a tough time for everyone, so we do offer a free option that has our logo, a link from a sponsor, and a link to a charity. See these options below.

render the data, and employ a team of developers to update and create new designs. By subscribing with us you ensure that your data will be error free, accurate, and look great.

How do you keep my data accurate?

We understand this is the #1 priority and have built a platform that updates data from a variety of sources every 10 minutes. There are larger APIs with much of this data, but for some regions, the data is updated on simple web pages once a day. We extract and update our database when data changes.    

Do you have a trial?

We don't currently have a trial, but you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

We have help documentation and customer support you can work with to modify code and report errors. We will work with you to make sure you have a good experience.


I didn't pay for the logo, but now I want to get it added. Can I upgrade?

Yes, but due to how our billing is set up, we'll need to send you a link to either a $10 per month add on or a $30 one time charge for the year. Fill out the form the support form and we'll send you a link.

How often do you get new designs?

In addition to maintaining our data sources, fixing bugs, and adding more visualizations, our developers are constantly working on new designs. We'll let you know when a new one comes out.

Where do you get your data?

We are constantly updating our list of sources with the hopes of finding more precise local data or regional data that is just getting reported. Check our growing list here.

Free Options

Use one of our free designs anywhere you need. We offer a few options that should work for your site and are building more of these too. These options simply have our logo, a link to a sponsor and a link to a charity.

Like our white label version the free versions comes with many options. Through the use of parameters you can create visualizations in:

  • 6 languages
  • 4100 geographies
  • 3 verisones
  • Responsive design for mobile
  • A link to a charity highlighted

Imagine the pages you can create and the dynamic content you can add to your site!  Here is an example for the US, but there are a ton of possibilities. Below you can see 2 types of our free visualizations with a list and the geographical parameters you can use.

Select Below

Click on one of the images below to use our visualization designer and create your own free embeds.

Free Examples

Free Version

The Whole World

by Country:

By State / Province

Map & V3 Free

The Whole World

By State / Province

By Country

Map & V3 Free

The Whole World

By Country

By State / Province

By Country

Partner with Us


When you partner with us, you'll get access to more designs and new tools. All we ask is that you write something about our site or tools and you give some feedback so that we can continue to improve.

If you're interested, fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss.


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